How To Make Money Online by Playing Games


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We know that there are many of our Moocash app users out there who simply love playing mobile games. We do too!  This time, we’d like to combine this love of playing games with the love of making money!  Yes, really, there is a to get paid to play games – as a matter of fact, you’re doing it already, when you use MooCash app to download and play mobile games that we offer.

Three Ways To Make Money Playing Games

However, we’d like to take it up a notch, and let you in on other ways where you can make money from playing games online.  We’re breaking this topic into several parts, simply because there are various ways to get paid from playing games, whether video games or just mobile games.  These are:

1 – Creating content from playing mobile games and video games

2 – Winning competitions and tournaments

3 – Farming for gold and virtual items

In this article, which is part 1 of how to make money from playing games online, we’ll  focus on how game lovers get paid to play games by creating content.

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Creating Content From Playing Mobile Games and Video Games

Basically, this involves you playing video games or mobile games and recording your screen play.  When you do that its best to have a voice over (during game, or editing it after the game ends) to narrate your intended play.  The recorded content should then be uploaded to a social media video site such as YouTube, or specifically for gamers,  You can also stream live for your video games via Twitch and most Twitch users prefer this.

The important factor in making money from this method is to have a large audience, so you could make money from the ads appearing on the video as well as sponsorships. Twitch users also make money from donations from viewers.

How Much Can You Earn?

According to an article in Business Insider, Twitch is the fourth largest website in the US in terms of traffic during peak periods.  The top three websites are Netflix, Google and Apple. A Forbes article further suggests that top Twitch streamers earn around $300,000 per year, and Twitch streamers who have a regular audience of 2,000 can expect to earn around $2,000 a month.

The main sources of income for Twitch streamers are from sponsorships, advertising revenue that appear on their videos as well as donations from viewers.

Other Factors To Consider

Before you dive in and start to record or livestream a game, there are a number of factors that you need to consider.  First of all, the amount of money you make from creating content with mobile games – whether live streaming or recording, is directly dependent on how large is your audience.  The larger the audience, the more money you can make. Bearing that in mind, you then need to consider:

  1. Your choice of video game – is it an already popular, well established game with a lot of good players? Or is it a new, up and coming game with few but growing fans?
  2. The type of content you’re creating – are you playing the game to show viewers tips, tricks to get ahead, or are you relying on your magnetic personality to merely entertain viewers and wow them with your superior skills?

YouTube or Twitch?

The reality is that there is no this or that.  Most Twitch streamers also have a YouTube account in which they record their livestreams and upload it to YouTube.  However, there are some YouTube gamers who do not use Twitch.

If you’re interested to use Twitch as a platform to make money playing video games, then you need to know more about how to go about it.  Since we ourselves have no direct experience with this, we suggest that you get an expert’s guide to making money playing video games with Twitch.   If you prefer to use YouTube instead, best to read the YouTube expert’s guide.

Testing The Waters

If you’re just want to start by testing your gaming and narrating abilities, best to record your mobile games now.  You just need to use the Google Play Games app which has the ability to record your game and upload it to YouTube.  Once you’ve open this app, you can then choose which of your installed games you want to play and record. However, to monetize your game play, you need to have some voice overs as well, not just playing the game, and make sure your YouTube settings is set to monetize.

That’s it for now.  Stay tuned to our second part of this article, how to make money from playing video games: from winning competitions and tournaments.  In the mean time, do continue to download more game apps when a Moocash offer appears on your lock screen!  This is a sure way to make money from playing mobile games too.  

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