How To Make Money Online By Playing Games – Part 2

esports_tournamentHi there MooCash readers.

If you’re interested to learn how to make money by playing games online, whether video games or mobile games, you’re in the right place. Other than making money by playing games, by using our MooCash app, there are a few other conventional ways to get paid playing games.

Our previous article, How to Make Money By Playing Games Online – Part 1, talked about getting paid from creating content by playing games via YouTube and Twitch. Following from that article, we’ll dive into how to make money by playing games by winning esports and tournaments and by farming virtual goods.

How To Play Games For Money With ESports and Tournaments

Did you know that eSports players who win tournaments can win big and make huge sums of money? If you’re wondering what is eSports, let’s clarify it now. ESports is basically online video games communities which hold competitions for a video game, and award winners of the competition or tournaments cash prizes. Some of these cash prizes run into the millions.

According to this QZ article, some of the top participants in eSports earn more than the average Olympian athlete who would only earn $25K from winning first place in a competition.

How Much Money Can You Make With ESports?

To the average player, the answer is not much cash to play games for money. The trick is to win the eSports competition, or tournament and to do that, you have to be the best player in that tournament. The top four players worldwide earn above $2 million, the top 27 players earn at least a million dollars and the top 100 players worldwide earn at least $300K, based on this league table of eSports players earnings.

Other than winning a tournament, you can get paid playing video games. Some players get paid salaries for entering a tournament, which can be anywhere between $12K to $65K.

Which Are The Best Paying ESports Games?

Based on the league table of eSports players earnings, players have mostly won the cash prize from playing DOTA 2, League of Legends, CounterStrike: Global Offensive, Starcraft II, and StarCraft: Brood War.

How To Win An ESport Tournament

First, decide which game you would want to master. You can do this by either following your passion on the type of games preferred or by the amount of cash prizes offered to tournament winners.

Practise Makes Perfect

The best way to master the game individually is to play it against its in-game bots.

Learn The Tips and Tricks

The internet games websites offering tips and tricks, as well as from YouTube gamers and Twitch streamers offer some of the best ways to get ahead in a video game as they share tips and tricks to get ahead.

Learn The Lingo

Every game has its peculiar set of jargon that you need to know to master the game. Familiarize yourself with them.

Make Friends and Play Against Others

Most tournaments are based on team participation, and so you need to form a team to join them. Make friends online, via games forums as well as via playing against others to form teams.

You also need to practise playing against other real players to master the competitive aspect of the game that will prepare you for joining eSports tournaments.

How To Make Money Selling Virtual Goods

There are a number of ways to make money selling games-based virtual goods. These include:

  • selling virtual currency or virtual gold,
  • selling virtual in-game items,
  • boosting player levels (such as player achievement levels)
  • selling off game accounts

However, you first need to check the terms of service (TOS) of the game item you intend to sell, as some have really strict TOS and may even get your account banned if its against their TOS.

For instance, if you’ve ever played Second Life, you know you can make virtual items or sell services for the virtual currency (called Linden) and once you’ve profit in-game, you can cash out the virtual currency for the real one. One of the first famous ‘person’ to make a million dollars selling virtual items was Anshee Chung, an avatar on Second Life that sold virtual real estate.

More recently, high valued virtual goods sold were from games such as Entropia Universe, Eve Online, Global Strike Offensive and DOTA 2. The virtual goods sold ranged from $150K to $1K.

Mobile Games

We hope you enjoyed the above information. In the meantime, you can also make money playing mobile games. Simply download more game apps when a Moocash offer appears on your lock screen!  This is a sure way to get paid from playing mobile games.

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