How To Make Money Fast And From Home By Selling Your Expertise


Hi MooCash readers.

This is a continuation of our previous post where we talked about how to make money fast and online. While the previous article referred to selling existing items in the home or using  the MooCash app, this time we’d like to have another method for you to make money fast without any investments on your part.

Don’t Fall For Scams

If there’s one thing we need to clarify is that the ways shown here on how to make quick money is that it’s not the same as how to make money overnight. The methods shown here are completely legitimate and have been achieved by many people.  On the other hand, if you’re interested in how to make money overnight, we’re worried that you may fall into scams and illegal ways to make money online.

The legitimate way to make money online fast this time involves selling your expertise and from home. Everybody knows something and so there’s always a way for you to make money from your knowledge.

Everybody Knows Something

So you didn’t go to college and earned a degree. No problem. You could share your knowledge, say in DIY home,  and earn from it. People have even earned money from making IKEA hacks, which basically involved buying IKEA furniture other than the ones in the manual and turning it into some awesome furniture which they could sell in marketplaces.

Use Your College Education

If you did go to college, that’s great! You could even make money by answering questions or tutoring college students. Studypool is an online marketplace for students to get help on their assignments and get help on their subjects. Students post their questions for a price and tutors earn money by answering them or tutoring them and Studypool takes a cut. Tutors must be college graduates or at least are currently studying in college.

In order to be able to answer questions on Studypool, you first need to apply to be a tutor. They claim that their highest earning tutor earned $120k and on average around $30k.

Get Paid For Your Shopping Knowledge

If you love online shopping, here’s a great place for you to earn a quick income. It’s called Needle and the site basically partners with some online retailers to help their customers with the best buying experience.  As an independent contractor with Needle, you’re expected to chat with customers and offer them suggestions.

Set Your Own Fees

You can be a consultant and charge people for your expertise via a phone consultation. You can charge people you the minute or by the hour. It can be in any field at all, from marketing, to sales, to marketing, to social media to business development or entrepreneurship. There’s just too many to mention here.

While you can do this on your own, with just a mobile phone and a PayPal invoice or money request, the hassle free way is to use Clarity. Clarity charges the client and tracks the time spent and takes 15% commission from it. You can charge from $1-1,000 per hour. The benefit of using this is that your phone number remains private as the call is passed through the Clarity center and you’re assured of payment even when the consultation may exceed the budgeted time.

The only thing with this is you do need to hustle to land clients, so the best way is set your profile across social media and free Q&A sites that link back to your own website or blog.  Clarity has a widget you can put on your WordPress website.

Sharing Your Expertise Via Social Media

Another great way to earn money fro your expertise is to share it for free on social media, such as YouTube. You can earn from showing ads on your site.

Even better if you combine it with Clarity, where paid users can call you for a phone consultation, that would be a fee.

Alternative Source of Income

While these are just the tip of the iceberg of what you can do to make money online and from home.  While most do take some effort on your part to earn good money, it’s still a worthwhile venture, especially for people looking for alternative sources of income.

Like you, we think MooCash should be a favourite source if alternative income. Be sure to share this with your friends, family and followers so everyone can make some side money.