New Lucky Draw Items – Apple Watch, Xbox One X, Visa Gift Card and More!

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Hi MooCash readers!

It has been a week, have you spotted anything different in MooCash? More offers? More Games? More redeem options? Or, more coins?

Oh, so you couldn’t guess it? Well, this is only between us! MooCash has added new lucky draw items!

For example, if you are home alone, but you realise you couldn’t attend a party because you are too busy on MooCashing, sometimes it is nice to have Echo Dot to help you. Yes, Echo Dot is now one of our lucky draw items!

Exercise is good for our health. Getting this Samsung Gear Sport and Apple Watch Series 3 with GPS from MooCash lucky draw, you don’t need to worry about getting lost while having your daily jog.

So, you got the Xbox One X 1TB Console, Play Station VR, Razer Man0’War and Logitech G903 Lightspeed Wireless Gaming Mouse from MooCash lucky draw? How lucky are you! You must be blessed by the Gaming God! To make your experience even better, why not get this Philips Hue Starter Kit to turn your current room light to gaming light, too?

Need to take a break from gaming? Tune in to your favourite TV programmes with this Fire TV Stick with Voice Remote. Put on the Mi Earphone Basic, sit back and relax!

As you know, Summer is coming. It is a season to go on holiday! With this USD 200 Southwest Airlines Gift Card and USD 200 Gift Card, you can save up more money to get something for yourself or for someone special. Don’t worry about overspending in your trip, especially for your girl because you got a USD 200 Sephora Gift Card for her to spend. Oh, so she is happy with her shopping? Why not bring her to the movie with USD 25 Fandango Gift Card to make her even happier?  

Thinking of going back to gaming after the trip? Don’t forget to stop by at Gamestop to get the newly released game with this USD 25 Gamestop Gift Card!

Promised a friend you would play games with them by the time you come back? Have fun with PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds for PC! And oh, isn’t there a game called Overwatch is having an Anniversary event right now? Yeah, that is the one! So get this USD 20 Balance Card – Blizzard Entertainment to get the event-only cosmetics that you want!

Isn’t it great to get all these items for free? Actually, there are even more lucky draw items to be won! So don’t miss out your chance and grab it right now!

Good luck!