5 Incredibly Useful Money Making Apps To Earn Money Easily

Did you know that the average person looks at his mobile phone at least 46 times per day?  Yes, its true – this is based on a study by Deloitte who found that younger people between the ages of 18-24 look at their phones 74 times per day, while those between 25-34 look at their phones 50 times per day, and those above 34 look at their phone 35 times per day.  
For the amount of time you spend on your phone, it only makes sense if you could also earn money from apps without actually doing much work. So we’ve listed top 5 money apps that pay you  that you simply must have to make money from your mobile phones.


 #5 – Foap


Who doesn’t snap photos on their mobile phones?  Why not turn those photos into cash too?  Foap is one of the apps that pay you for taking photos and selling them.  Just download the app and upload your photos for sale. The sale price is at $10, with you getting $5 and Foap $5.  However, for special photos that you think are worth more than $10, go ahead and name your price.  Big brands such as Puma paid $2,000 for a photo of a child playing football and Mastercard paid $500 for priceless moments photos.  Visit Foap here.

#4 Streetbees


Another one of the apps that earn money is Streetbees. Streetbees is a market research app where app users complete their task based on the market research. For instance, a task may be to take a photo of your breakfast meal, or to check the price of a chocolate bar at the local store. Just send in your answers via the app to earn your cash instantly via PayPal. However, the availability of tasks vary according to your geographic location and demographics (age group, sex, income brackets).  Nonetheless, Streetbees has claimed that the highest paid single task by a Streetbee (their app user) was $1,820.

Visit Streetbees here.

#3 Google Opinion Rewards

Google Opinion Rewards

Get rewarded by Google for voicing your opinion is another one of the apps that make you money. Rewards are available via Google Play credits. Similar to Streetbees above in that it is used for market research, however, this time, only your opinion matters. Survey questions can range from “Which logo do you best prefer?” to “When is the best time to take a vacation?”  Get more info here.

#2 Let Go


Let go of stuff you no longer need and make money from it.  Simply snap a photo of the stuff you want to sell and let potential buyers from nearby areas contact you via their in-app chat feature. Get more info here

#1 MooCash


Of course, we just had to list MooCash as the most incredibly useful money making app that earns you money easily.  Yes, we’re bias, but we also believe we are right about this.

Why? Because we pay you for doing things you already do, such as exploring and downloading new fun and useful apps and watching short videos. You can cash out your rewards from as little as $2 into your PayPal account or from your Google Play Gift Card or even a bank transfer.  Seriously, who doesn’t want to get paid for doing what you already do and would’ve done for free anyway?  If you don’t already know about us, find out more here.  

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