5 side jobs you can do with your mobile app

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Hi there, MooCash app users!  We know you love making money, and with your mobile phones too…so here we want to share with you additional ways to make money in your spare time.

If you’re interested in having a side job, to earn that extra cash, read on to find out just which are the apps that earn money for you!

We have listed top 5 side jobs you can do with your mobile phone, immediately.

1- Field Agent

app fieldagent

Use this app to complete tasks for in-store price checks, take photos of products, completing surveys in stores or at home.

Field Agent is currently available in the US, Canada, Mexico, the UK, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand. Jobs will depend on the location of stores near you.  Each task pays between $3 – $12.

For readers in the Middle East, specifically the GCC countries, a similar app is available to you: TaskSpotting.

2 –  Handy  

app handy

Handy is available in 35 cities in the US, Canada, and the UK, Handy is an app that connects buyers with sellers in the home care services .  

So you can offer your service in home cleaning, be a handyman or plumber, electrical wiring for homes or even be a helping hand to help with moving houses or assembling furniture.  Any IKEA enthusiasts here?

3) TisPR

app tispr

Be a freelancer and list your talent and service on this mobile app.  You name your price and if a buyer is interested, he or she will contact you via the TisPR app.

Whether your talent is in photography, video animation, audio & sound or even flower arrangements, just list your service in this app.  This is also good for freelancers in the business, technology, education and home categories too.

4) Toot


Online tutoring.  Use this app to get clients to tutor for.  However, this is for in-person tutoring, so you do  have to turn up in person to tutor your clients.  The Toot app is currently available in the US only.

5) GigWalk  

app gigwalk 

Available in the US and Canada only.  To be able to Gigwalk, complete tasks on demand, in your neighborhood.  You can find available gigs in your area, and each gig (task) can pay between $3- $100.  Tasks can be anything from taking photos to verify products on the shelves, or to check that marketing events are done correctly at the correct location.


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