Which is the best Pokémon Go team and buddy for you?


Congratulations! If you’ve made it to level 5 of Pokémon Go and now wondering which team is best to join, don’t worry, we’ll clear up any doubts you have about which is the best Pokémon Go team to join. With the buddy system in Pokémon now up and running, we have some tips for you too.

For our regular MooCash users, we’ve also included some tips on how you can make money with Pokémon.

Which Pokémon Go team is best for you?

Do you want to have a team that suits your personality? Here are the run down on the three Pokémon Go teams according to personality types.  Remember, you need to choose your team carefully, because once selected, you’ll have to stay with the team for the rest of your Pokémon life!

Team Valor

Also known as team red, its leader, Candela, is full of fiery passion. Candela promotes finding ways to enhance Pokémons’ natural power to enable the trainer’s true strength.

Team mascot: Moltres – is a large bird that dipped itself it hot molten magma of volcano, and has the ability to control fire.

If you think yourself as a passionate leader and always keen to nurture your team’s natural abilities, then this is the team for you.

Team Mystic

The blue team, with Blanche as the team leader. She leads with wisdom, analyzing the reasons  why Pokémons evolve. By analyzing every situation, Blanche believes is the key to winning.

Team mascot: Articuno – is a large bird that can control ice with its flapping wings chills the air.

If you have you a cool head for analysis, then this is the team for you.

Team Instinct

Known for its yellow team color, Team Instinct is the only Pokémon team headed by a guy, named Spark. Just like the team name, this team is about trusting your instincts and Pokémon.

Team mascot: Zapdos – is an electric bird that lives in the thunderclouds and can control electricity.

If you’re one who always follows the heart instead of the head, then this is the team for you.

Why choose a Pokémon team?

While choosing a team does not impact your ability to catch Pokémon on a personal level, it does add color to your Pokemon map (literally).  Joining a team means you join the Pokémon battles in gyms, and either to defend your team territory or to expand your team territory. So watch for gym battles as they change color which correspond to the winning team.

Pokémon Buddy – which one is for you?

A Pokémon buddy is simply a Pokémon that appears on your avatar as you walk along catching Pokémons. The pro of having a buddy is that you, or rather your buddy, gets rewarded when you walk a certain distance to catch Pokémons.

In the Pokémon world, not all Pokémon’s are created equal. While each has its own strength, they also have varying abilities to evolve. So the best bet is to choose a Pokémon that has only a short distance before it evolves. And yes, you can choose any Pokémon you wish.

Here are the top five Pokémon buddies to earn candies and evolve:

  1. Charmeleon/Charmander – 2 kilometers per candy, 100 candies to evolve
  2. Dratini/Dragonair – 3 kilometers per candy, 100 candies to evolve
  3. Omanyte – 3 kilometers per candy, 50 candies to evolve
  4. Kabuto  – 3 kilometers per candy, 50 candies to evolve
  5. Grimer – 2 kilometers per candy, 50 candies to evolve

Source: PokemonGoHub

To calculate how many kilometers a Pokemon need to get a candy, go to PokemonGoHub.net. 

Make Money With Pokémon Go

For our regular MooCash users, we have some bonus tips for you: how to make money with Pokémon Go. As a MooCash user, we know you love getting real money as you use your time on your mobile phone to get you that extra passive income.  Did you know that you can also use Pokémon Go to make money? Here are the top 3 ways:

  1. Tutor Pokemon Go on Skype

Use your Pokemon Go know how to teach others how to play.

2 – sell Pokemon items

While you have to make sure you don’t break any copyright laws, you could cash in on the Pokemon craze, like selling Pokémon balls  or locally sell Pokemon cupcakes 

3 -Be a Pokémon Driver

While driving around chasing Pokemons is dangerous, offering a driving service for Pokemon gamers is an easy way to make money. 

Tell us: Do you enjoy playing Pokémon Go?

Let us know in the comment below, and also share us how you’ve made money with Pokémon.