3 Side Jobs To Make Money in User Testing

learn to make money by being a user tester with mobile phones

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Following on our make money online theme, we’re listing out another way to make money online with mobile phones. This time is by being a usability tester!

What’s that, you ask?  Usability testing is a test to determine how easy is using something by testing it with real users.  Companies who create products, or software programs, sometimes need to confirm what they have built is easy to be used.

They then hire usability testing companies, who hire real people, to test if the product or software program is really user friendly. When test users hit a problem, the problem is then referred back to the company that built the product for further improvements.

As you know, we love making money with mobile, so we’re a bit biased towards companies that enable users to make money with their mobile devices.  We’ve only listed 3 companies that provide options to test on mobile or desktop as other usability testing companies still require users to be on desktop only, webcam and headset to work with.

All 3 companies mentioned here accept international applicants and pay via PayPal.

Here are the 3 companies where you can apply to be a usability tester:

1-    Enrollapp.com

2-    ErliBird.com

3-    Userzoom.com


EnrollApp has an easy sign up process which requires your name, email and PayPal email. You will receive an invitation to participate in an available testing but open slots run out fast. Depending on the testing requirements, you may participate via desktop or mobile.

However, EnrollApp has the lowest paying rate per task, with task starting at $0.10 per task.


To qualify as a tester, you must register an account with them. Part of the registration process is that you have to fill out your demographics profile: your sex, age group, income bracket and geographic location.  You must also highlight your interests, such as gaming, tech, etc. By doing so, they are able to send you invitations to relevant focus groups for beta testing.

When you are asked to user test the product, you need to provide constructive feedback to qualify for payment. ErliBird claims that tester-users get average of $5-$10 per review. You also need to have the device ready for testing, whether mobile, tablet or desktop, whichever device the focus group requires.


You can choose to enrol on desktop only or on mobile. If you choose the latter, you have to download their app via their mobile app via the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

Most UserZoom user-testing requires a webcam or mobile cam where they need to see the user’s eye movements and facial expressions. As with most conventional usability testing procedures require the user to speak out loud their minds as they test the website or app which is then recorded. UserZoom also claims each test is paid between $5-10.

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